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Being a keen user of the web to shop for goods, I was well aware of the ever growing population of like-minded people who are too busy to trawl the high streets for the best deal when making a purchase.

For this reason I wanted to start trading online at the earliest opportunity and obtained a quote from a web developer for building a site from scratch. The prices started from £2000 without shopping facilities and without the ability to manage my own data!

A friend was already using ekm for her products and convinced me to have a look, but it all seemed too cheap for everything on offer - I thought there has to be a catch. I made numerous phone calls to ekm's sales team to try and unearth the loopholes, but did not find any, so decided to have a go, knowing that I could end my contract at any time without penalty. I asked ekm's developers to design and build the site layout for me for a nominal fee, as I wanted to focus on building the products.

Since launching the site last year, online sales have steadily increased and I am adding more and more items all the time as it is so straightforward to do. I can honestly say that ekm has remained supportive throughout this time and has always offered a top class service. New design features are added on a regular basis which means the product gets better and better!
Georgina Smithfield Anglian Garden
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We started off, like many others on eBay; it quickly became clear that we needed a second platform.

We did a lot of research into different platforms. ekmPowershop was an all in one solution for someone like ourselves with little knowledge of setting up Websites. Easy to integrate payment methods, search engine friendly coding and most of all excellent customer service and support.

Our turnover has since grown year on year and we have been able to cut back on our advertising costs, such is the success of the online store.

The customer support is excellent and they can communicate with you in plain English, whatever technical level you are.
Cristina Bevan Totslots
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We run a shop and restaurant in romantic Lyme Regis overlooking the outstandingly beautiful Jurassic coastline. The shop has become a secret haunt of weekenders looking for treats for themselves and gifts to take home. We set up loveithaveit.com two years ago to offer our fashion, home and gift ideas online.

We started loveithaveit.com to reach a wider national audience and to become less reliant on the seasonality of our offline business.

We wanted total control of our website on a day-to-day basis because we are always introducing new products. ekmPowershop makes it so simple to upload new products and update existing ones. What also sets ekmPowershop apart is its import/export functionality which gave us the reassurance that we have choices to develop add-ons like EPOS.

Having recently had our webstore re-designed by ekmPowershop, it has proved what a good design can do for your sales. Within the first month we saw an uplift of 150%. I would suggest a written brief to give your designer a clear steer on how you want it to work and how you want it to look. Sounds obvious but it’s a good focus.

Very responsive to our many queries and always trying to find ways to help and improve their offering. For example, to coincide with the recent VAT decrease, ekmPowershop added a bulk price change facility. Since we launched the new design we are growing from strength to strength with orders come in from every part of the World.
Penny Callaghan Love it Have it
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When I was initially looking to set up my business, I was staggered by the cost web developers wanted for a simple ecommerce website. My quotes ranged from £800 right up to £2,000. It was from this I thought, what else is there out there that I can use to do something myself? This is when I found ekmPowershop.

From here I was amazed at what you could actually do. It was a one stop shop for everything you needed to create your own fully functional ecommerce website, for just a small manageable fee each month. The main worry for a new business is your start-up costs, and with ekmPowershop I have managed to keep them low and still maintain a professional looking website.

The actual development of the website is made so easy by ekmPowershop. The templates are very professional, and the functionality is second to none. The main advantages to me are that you can make changes in an instant, putting you firmly in control. There is no calling your developer and waiting for updates to be done, or paying fees each time.
Lee Pratt White Strips 4u
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